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Earn Financial Rewards for Promoting the Challenge

As you share the Body by Vi™ Challenge with others, you have the opportunity to become a Promoter and actually earn money month after month.

As you tell more people, and they tell more people, two very cool and lucrative wealth principles come into play.

1. Leverage
You can earn money from the efforts of people in your team who are promoting the Challenge.

2. Residual Income
You continue to earn money as long as the people are using ViSalus products. Do something once, get paid over and over for it!

Do The Math

Or maybe you’d rather enjoy a tropical cruise vacation, or maybe a luxurious ski retreat, or BOTH? You can win those, too.

ViSalus gives you the opportunity to create your OWN economy and take control of your financial future today! If you still need more information, sign my guestbook and I’ll get back to you!

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